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Issuing time:2022-10-05 15:45

"Galloping" the battlefield and "dancing" with the ball! "Liuzhou Cup" City Beach Air Volleyball Tournament Finals Today!



On October 5, on the beach next to Liuzhou Jinglan Water Sports Center, the 2021 Liuzhou Water Leisure Games "Liuzhou Cup" urban beach air volleyball tournament is being fiercely held. The competition lasts from the 4th to 6 days and lasts for 3 days



The competition is divided into three groups: youth group, evergreen group and senior group, with 12 teams in each group. There are 36 teams with about 400 air volleyball enthusiasts participating.


This event is the first time that the national fashion brand event "Green Water and Green Mountains" China Leisure Sports Challenge has landed in Guangxi, and this selection of Liuzhou is not only a recognition of the construction of ecological civilization in Liuzhou, but also a new impetus for Liuzhou City to continue to promote the upgrading of the event, continue to enrich the content of the event, promote the participation of the whole people in internal education and external introduction, and add new impetus to the national air volleyball enthusiasts to create a more popular, more professional and better service quality event.



The atmosphere at the final scene was tense and hot, cheers came and went, and the players stepped on the sand barefoot, engrossed, and struggled to jump, rolling down the field to pick up the volleyball, and the smoke and dust at their feet were filled with smoke at the moment of displacement. Guangxi Tanaka Science and Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. team name: "three bowls but not post", the company's small partners instantly beat the drum, boost morale, team spirit in the course of the event is vividly reflected.



The 2022 "Liuzhou Cup" City Beach Air Volleyball Tournament lasted from October 2 to 5, and the members of more than 30 teams left a deep memory of their own team and their own on the field. The event began with a whistle and ended in laughter, but the fate of the game was passed on and endured. Promoting national fitness, carrying forward sportsmanship and spirit, and creating a universal leisure sports platform for people who love sports and love sports is the significance of the event and the concept of "Liuzhou Cup" that has been continuously upheld for many years

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